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Webpages - Putting stuff up on dspsrv.com

You will need:

  • SSH - specifically, you need sftp which is the SSH ftp client. Version 2 only, btw. Unix-based folk can just download the source and build it. For windows folk, Waider was working on a port for a while, but then he got pissed off with Uncle Bill's OS, so tough cookies. Here's a dime; buy yourself a real OS. For macinfolk, yeah. Same deal, except for the "working on a port" bit. Talk to the admins about getting pages on the server.
  • A SSH public key. You make one of these if you've not already got one using the ssh-keygen program that comes with SSH:
    This will create two files, one called id_something and one called id_something.pub. Rename these to, for example, me_at_home and me_at_home.pub. Create a file in the same directory as these guys that looks like this:
    IdKey me_at_home
    Save this file as identification. Finally, send me_at_home.pub to admin@dspsrv.com and we'll set up the server side of things. NB tell us what you called the file, otherwise we can't get it working.
  • Content. You know, words and pictures and stuff.
  1. Connect to dspsrv.com: sftp www.dspsrv.com
  2. Check that you've got a public_html directory: cd public_html
  3. If you don't, make one: mkdir public_html
    cd public_html
  4. The directory you're in now is equivalent to "http://www.dspsrv.com/~yourname/". Upload files like this: put filename
  5. Indexing is switched off by default so you'll need a file called index.html. Don't forget this!
  6. Check it out on the web. If it doesn't work, mail waider@dspsrv.com who has agreed, for his sins, to take on support for this stuff.

Waider / updated 12-11-1999