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Biker Brian

Brian P. Casey

Well here goes on the bio stuff, gratious slagging off of other innocents will insue later...

Brian P(aul) Casey 8906157

Though introduced to the concept of DSP quite late BP Casey (a.k.a. Setanta) has in fact impecable credintials for hard core DSP hood... Start of fall from grace was '89 when this wide eyed boy started at the very new UL , previously NIHE Limerick. The next retrograde step was to start playing ADnD, the rest is a matter of historical record. The drift towards 26 was, of course inevitable and the call of the dark side was strong. Vowed repeatedly to be gone by 12, usually ended walking home with Harry J at 8 am. Best quote from this era.." Who's in the box?". QCA 1.98 18 failed credits and good-bye BPC.. Exit to Manchester and relative annominity ( with the exception of a breif apperance at a LugCon ) until that faithfull week end in Limerick when the Shotgun was born anew.... " Shotgun. Everybodys doin it shot gun......"

Exit to Dorset where Setanta was born as the online persona of BPC on the DSPsrv. The Setanta persona is very much the Troll version of said BPC, but even he would not knowingly have come out with "  Congradulations on your engagement , now.. Who the fuck are you?". Now adopted as the unoffical DSPsrv greeting. Still sorry about that one.

Current incarnitions include , Bad hangover man,

Motorcyclechasherperson or Mr. ArguewithHarry.

Due to geographical location BP Casey has not personally met many of the DSP...