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Being a short story with pictures.

And so it came to pass that young Master Cullen had Yet Another Birthday. And in the great tradition of things DSP, the celebration of same was deemed fit for a drinking excursion to that fine watering-hole, Messrs. Maguire. The fellowship of the drink assembled for the regular Saturday morning coffee excursion, and drank both beer, and coffee, and whatever you're having yourself, guv'nor. And then Conor appeared and said to JC, "here's your present!".

 "A boarding pass? Used? From Switzerland?", said JC, "OH YOU BASTARD!"
 And then his present arrived!
 So JC proceeded to look rather dazed.
 Quite dazed, in fact.
 Cliffy told him that we'd all known about it, too.
 "et tu, Bob?"
 We checked Anita's passport.
 Also her credit card.
 And her prerequisite Boyfriend Picture.
 Then Bob said, "I'm hungreeeee!"
 "Hey, Cliffy! Look up there!" "What?" "Hee Hee Hee!"
 "Bob's not gettin' MY food.", said JC.
 Then Pete and Annette arrived.
 Cliffy complained to Annette that Bob'd stolen his food.
 Then we went to Templeogue, to play JENGA.
 Cliffy needed to check the rulebook to discover the idea was NOT to knock the tower!
 Annette was upstairs with one of Ralph and Vicki's kids, scaring the living daylights out of Pete.
 The other one waited her turn for feeding.
 Me? Kids? said Anita, No Way!
 Ralph laughed knowingly at the camera.
 Annette later threatened me about the photo.
 while Cliffy had reservations about the captions.
 Oh no! I'm doomed!