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When I started this I don't think I realised how big it was going to turn out. The basic idea was to get people to submit a few of their favourite recipes, which I would pull together into a cookbook. Some people did, some people didn't but we've ended up with more than 3 recipes - see JC I told you it could be done - and I've ended up putting a load of my own in there, mainly because I ended up with more chapters than I thought I would, and as some of them were a little on the empty side I went a bit mad on filling them up.

As the size of this book grew I decided against trying to put in metric/imperial/other measurements for everything and decided instead to just put in a few conversion tables at the beginning of the book (courtesy of Ade).

I would like to that I have tried them all out personally, but I haven't so I can't. However with the exception of one or two recipes (Cliffy's "Toad in the Hole" Special) to which I added some clarification everything should be pretty much as I got it (I did correct some spelling mistakes, but even I am not infallible, and neither is my spell checker), so I would suggest that if you have any difficulties with any of the recipes contact the contributor - they're all listed.

So I hope you all enjoy cooking something from this. There should be something in there to suit pretty much everyone. Right now I'm not exactly planning on doing another volume or anything, but I guess if I got enough input from other people then anything could happen.....